National Gardening Week Challenges: Day Four

Day Four of my National Gardening Week Challenges and today’s task is to sow something that I’ve never grown before. So here’s my pick:



I’m pretty excited about these, and not just because I think they will go really well in Pimm’s.



If you don’t know about cucamelons, these little guys are from the cucurbit family. The scientific name is Melothria scabra and they have many other common names including mouse melon and Mexican sour cucumber. The plants are climbers and produce (hopefully) tons of little fruits that look like miniature watermelons. The taste is meant to be somewhere between cucumber and lime, which leaves lots of cocktail possibilities. If I’m lucky and I manage to get a decent crop then I might spend most of August drunk.


Into my propagator they go.

Job done!


11 thoughts on “National Gardening Week Challenges: Day Four

  1. We tried these last year, but they all died off when we planted them outside, we think the soil was too compact. Trying them again this year so hoping for a bit more luck.

  2. Ooh I saw these in a mag the other day and fancied giving them a try! I’m normally more of a ‘traditional fruit and veg’ kind of girl, but they look so cute… Also – cocktails.

    • They’re not hardy so they need a fair bit of warmth. I’ll be growing them up a south-facing pergola in a fairly sheltered garden, and hoping for a hot summer. A lot of people grow them in greenhouses but I haven’t got one. Like my mum always says, they’ve got two chances (this has NEVER made sense to me).

  3. Cool! I’ll be curious to see how they do for you and what you think of the flavor. I’ve been seeing them all over the webz and I’m intrigued.

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