Wordless Wednesday: White roses



Hey, buddy


Loving the colours in this little honeysuckle sprout.

I went outside today to cut some food for the stick insects (strawberry leaves, if you’re interested) and I noticed something when I was outside- I wasn’t uncomfortably cold. Even without a coat.

So, I called the girls to come outside and play and did some serious pottering. A little digging, a little tidying, a little ‘why did I put that there?’. I can already feel some of the tension melting away. And I took some photos of THINGS GROWING. Here they are:


My blackcurrant is ready to go (making vodka this year).



My hazel is ready to go. I’m hoping it starts to put a bit of height on now its roots are well established.




My climbing hydrangea gets faster every year. Good thing I have a ladder and a husband with a head for heights.



My little kiwi. I have high hopes for it this year.

Anyone else got a garden champing at the bit?


Actual December in my garden

OK, OK. I am getting BETTER. I even know what’s ‘wrong’ with me now which I think will really help. I might even start telling people about it once it’s sunk in.

So I was meant to do a photo gallery for each month to show the changing of the seasons, but I’ve not been able to keep up the last few months. As it turns out, that doesn’t really matter because the mild weather has meant that the seasonal changes have been a bit slooooow. These photos were honestly, properly taken in my garden on December the 1st. We’ve had a couple of frosts since then but nothing really serious, so pretty much everything is still going.