Sow what (round two)


Here we go again.

In round one, I sowed two varieties of tomato and two varieties of sweet peas. The sweet peas are now all 8 feet tall and threatening to eat my children. The cherry tomatoes (Sweet Million) had a 100% germination rate; let’s hope the good start means I will actually have millions of them. The plum tomatoes (San Marzano) were not quite as successful- only four out of a dozen came up. So it looks like I’ll be buying tins for making my pizza sauce after all.

Now that the propagator is empty again, I’ve decided to sow more San Marzano- another 14 seeds, which will hopefully result in half a dozen plants. I’ve also sown 20 sweet pepper seeds. Last year I had crappy results from seed and ended up buying plugs, so I thought I’d really go for it. Even if I do get 20 plants, the slugs will probably have half of them, the bastards.


These could grow into ANYTHING. Probably tomatoes though.

The final tray in my propagator is for the brand spanking new experimental tomato from Thompson and Morgan. It’s a cordon variety that’s meant to be blight resistant. You may have seen Monty Don talking about them on Gardeners’ World. Well, I sent in for the seed giveaway and I got lucky. I’ve got a little survey form to fill in. They’ve asked for me to grow the plants outside rather than in a greenhouse to test their blight resistance, so up to the lottie they will go.


I don’t even know why I bothered taking a photo of this.

Outside in the little growhouse, I have sown a tray of ragged robin seeds to go in my new bog garden. They are a native wildflower so I figured they don’t need too much pampering. There were also 600 (!) seeds in the packet so I don’t need an amazing germination rate. Time will tell whether I’ve screwed up by ignoring the instructions.